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Websites I have optimized for Search Engine Bots, SEO

1. - This website we registered in an effort to target the keywords of bankruptcy attorneys richmond.  If you do a search on Goolge for bankruptcy attorneys richmond, you should get something like THIS bankruptcy attorneys richmond where my client,

Appears third with: 

Bankruptcy Attorneys in Richmond VA will file bankruptcy credit...
Bankruptcy Attorneys in Richmond VA will file bankruptcy ~ if you have excessive credit card debt, are tired of constant debt collection harassment

2. - This domain name was bought with the intent of capturing #1 on Goolge for a Google search for:  attorney bankruptcy virginia.  If you do a Google search for: attorney bankruptcy virginia you should get something like THIS: attorney bankruptcy virginia where my cleint, Appears first with:

Richmond Bankruptcy Lawyers Richmond VA - Virginia Bankruptcy ...
Virginia Bankruptcy Attorneys VA bankruptcy Lawyers serving Richmond Virginia, Northern Virginia, Norfolk Virginia, Hampton Roads, Newport News.

3. - This domain name was already registered by the owner, A private Investigator in Richmond Virginia.  We decided to use this domain name to try to reach new clients who are looking for private investigation services from a Virginia DCJS Licensed private investigator in Virginia.  If you go to Google and do a search for: private investigators in richmond you should get something like THIS: private investigator in richmond where my client appears first with:

Richmond VA Morse investigation private investigator richmond ... - Investigations Richmond Complete affordable Private Investigator Services in pursuit of the truth criminal investigation fraud investigation henrico ... - Cached

4. - this domain is an older more established domain with a Google PR of 1 owned by a small family farm that breeds and sells: Virginia Alpacas, Cashmere Goats, Pekin Ducks, Coturnix Quail Rhode Island Red Chickens, Jersey wolly Rabbits, pekin duck eggs, fertile pekin duck hatching eggs for incubating, free range chicken eggs, and jumbo brown coturnix quail eggs for eating and hatching.  If you go to Google and do a search for: pekin duck eggs you will arrive at the Pekin duck page @ Furbelow Farms you should get something like THIS: pekin duck eggs where my client appears first with:

Pekin Ducks for sale, Duck eggs for sale - Check out how much bigger the Pekin Duck Egg is to our Chicken Eggs! You only need 1 Duck Egg to 1 1/2 Chicken Eggs in a recipe. ... - Cached

These are just a few examples for 4 different websites, for 4 different keyword searches.  These sites have targeted other keywords to obtain top 10 results and each of the sites listed above have numerous other top 10 matches for other various targeted keyword searches.

I can get your website into the top 10 relevant matches for your chosen keywords, as long as the keywords you choose are actually very closely related and an exact representation of what your website content is about.

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