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While it is always nice to have a website that is pleasing to the eyes and has all the bells and whistles, the main purpose of a website is to communicate thoughts, ideas and visions, which is accomplished with words and pictures.  Websites have 2 purposes: to get new customers & to support current customers.  If you are using your website in an effort to obtain new business (like most businesses) a pretty webite isn’t going to help you if no one sees it.  Hence it is very important to design your website with your primary focus being on bot visitors (bot being short for robot).  Search engine bots and your place in their index is extremely important as 80%+ of a websites visitors come from Search engine clicks, at least websites that are designed in an effort to get new customers.  Websites created to support current clients are a different animal as you know the customer already and can GIVE them your URL (website name).  My Wife, Ginger is a Graphic Artist, and can certainly make you something pretty like or or but my main focus is simple websites that communicate information in a quick loading website that has been search engine optimized to get the most traffic possible that will convert at a certain percentage to new customers.  I can make you a simple basic website for as little as $100, which would include the first years webhosting free, all you would pay for is the $100 for the setup and design, which you would own NOT me, you would register your domain ( I can help you with this if you need it).  Of course I recommend I have used Go Daddy since Bob Parsons first started the company many years ago.  SET the nameservers when you register to NS559.HOSTGATOR.COM & NS560.HOSTGATOR.COM & EMAIL ME

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